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Reach the top of TripAdvisor

Your happiest customers will tell the world about their experience, but only if you ask them. Use customer happiness surveys to identify them, then, respond in our direct communications platform to remind those customers to leave you a review.

Remember: it can take up to 10 reviews to convince a customer to choose you and the more recent the reviews they read the better chance of success Your unhappy customers just want their voices heard. Quickly identify these people and resolve their issues within communications before their review is driven online.

Continue asking your happiest customers for reviews, dedicate quality time to resolve unhappy customers and you will be top of the rankings in no time.

Fill your tables on quiet nights

Why waste your resources, money and time on unhappy customers? Instead, focus your marketing on people who will listen. Targeting the right people, with the right messages, at the right time, will get better results. 

With the customer happiness score you can grow an endless group of loyal customers to fill your quiet nights from your email marketing list.

The first step is to create a loyalty club of your happiest customers, dazzle them with value led great incentives for these members along with their friends and family to enjoy. Watch your empty seats become occupied on quieter nights and see your profits go through the roof.

Having worked in the hotel industry for over ten years as a Hospitality Technology Consultant, I have a great understanding of the challenges facing hoteliers today.

I have worked with Marriott, IHG, Hilton and many other leading hotel brands, chains and independent hotels alike. I am a specialist in guest communication platforms and mobile hospitality solutions which focus on guest experience and marketing personalization.

Please drop me a line to grab a quick chat.